Company Profile

Dane Street is a leading national IME and Peer Review organization

Our Focus

Dane Street is a national IME and Peer Review organization headquartered in Boston, MA. We are focused exclusively on providing credible, objective and timely examinations and reviews.

We process over 200,000 referrals annually for leading national and regional workers compensation, disability, auto and group health carriers, third-party administrators, managed care organizations, employers, pharmacy benefit managers and medicare set-aside providers to provide customized IME and Peer Review programs which assist their RNs and adjusters in reaching the appropriate medical determination as part of the claims management process.

At Dane Street, we are committed to “finishing the job.” We realize your referrals to us require careful and timely attention—on each case—from referral initiation to delivery back to your team. Our entire team is committed to consistently meeting your highest expectations around turn-around time, quality, responsiveness, and ease of doing business.

Why Choose Dane Street

The entire Dane Street team—our CSRs, QA team, operations supervisors, IT staff, and senior management group—are dedicated to providing the best customer experience for our clients. We understand the critical importance of sourcing relationships. And that the best partnerships are the ones with “high-touch communication” and “low noise levels” around issues.

  • 100% Focus on IMEs and Peer Reviews: focusing on this specialty—versus a broader managed care product suite—maximizes our R&D investment and operational expertise, resulting in superior outcomes for our clients.
  • Technology-Enabled Flexibility: our AccessDS platform enables significant client-specific configurability and the ability to handle all special handling instructions. It’s also designed to enable straightforward inbound and outbound integration with clients’ claim systems.
  • Strong Medical/QA Leadership: our medical panel, clinical team, regulatory & compliance officer and operations group bring deep industry experience to our clients. The summation of this experience has resulted in the creation of a unique set of “best practices” around IME and Peer Review services.
  • Proven Outcome Data: our AccessDS platform provides outcome data that is consumable, measurable, and customizable. Our staff ensures that we meet all client-designated SLAs through superior operational management and system-driven reporting and alerting.
  • Ease of Doing Business: our mission is to make our client programs successful based on each client’s specific requirements. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and openness to new ideas, and ability to deliver when other providers ask you to conform to their standard product definitions.

Before taking your first referral, we ensure that we’ve introduced our entire team, and accurately captured every important piece of information around your client profile.

Our team is comprised of bright, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals with a passion for customer service at all levels of the organization. We will attempt to build strong, pro-active relationships with your team to ensure that we function as a natural and valuable extension of your internal staff. This is the commitment of our company. We look forward to proving our capabilities to you and becoming your trusted partner for IME and Peer Review Services.