Dane Street is a highly effective business partner to some of the largest disability insurers and administrators in the country, providing comprehensive and objective IMEs and peer reviews to help their claim managers make the right medical determination and properly adjudicate the claim.


Our disability-specific panel and clinical team work to understand the claimant’s overall functionality and capabilities with a clinical focus on Return to Work whenever appropriate.

Our STD reviews help our clients understand the claimant’s overall functionality and capabilities, physical restrictions and limitations, work capacity and appropriateness of treatment. Our LTD reviews have a focus on functionality vs. workability, and include a review of clinical files to determine capacity for “any occ” vs. “previous occ.” Our ERISA Appeals work includes a review of medical records and peer-to-peer outreaches and contains the understanding of the need for a timely and fair review. Our services include:

  • Specialty match options
  • Access to Dane Street’s entire specialized national network of disability trained and experienced physician advisors
  • Uploading and storage of documents in Dane Street’s AccessDS platform
  • Peer-to-Peer outreach to treating physicians where requested for clarifications of symptomatology, restrictions and limitations, compliance, clarification of pre-existing conditions
  • Sorting and labeling by Dane Street intake team
  • QA review by Dane Street’s disability clinicians and disability claims professionals on 100% of referrals
  • Reports delivered in client-specific template
  • Reviews delivered according to all client-specific TAT requirements