Legal Review Services

Dane Street provides a comprehensive range of Legal Review Services to Law Firms, Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), and Automobile and Workers' Compensation Carriers. These services involve the use of highly trained medical experts who opine on the necessity and cost of treatment and provide comments on any relevant current or future care.

Our Legal Review Division is a dedicated team that has direct access to Dane Street's entire medical panel of physicians covering over 100 specialties who possess vast deposition and trial experience. Within the medical panel, we have developed a boutique group of expert witness doctors across multiple jurisdictions with an in-depth understanding of CPT codes and the state-specific fees associated with them.

We also have a group of medical billing and coding experts with strong experience in analyzing the application of CPT codes in combination with usual and customary state fee schedule reductions. Our Operations and Quality Assurance Teams have experience in clinical, claims, bill review management, and other areas.

By working together, these teams will meet standard timeframes and rush cases as necessary, all in a cost-effective manner.

Dane Street Legal Review Services include:

  • Texas 18.001 Counter Affidavit Services
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Expert Witness Reports and Peer Reviews
  • Demand Package Reviews
  • Medical Billing & Coding Reviews
  • Medical Bill Review Affidavits
  • Deposition and Trial Coordination Services