Advanced simplicity

Dane Street’s AccessDS platform is a Web-architected, rules-based and event-driven system which our customers, operations and quality assurance teams, IME physicians and peer reviewers and management team utilize—all with unique roles and permissions which provide the right level of data for each functional role.

AccessDS serves as our clients’ hub for initiation, case tracking, messaging, and reporting. The platform is designed to streamline the referral submission process, with typical client training taking less than 15 minutes.


The platform features rich capabilities for customizing a client’s (and sub-client’s) forms, including modifying drop-down menu options, pre-filling repetitive information, and providing “push” claim status notification to each requestor via email.



AccessDS provides rich reporting capabilities, both on a scheduled basis and on a self-service, “ad-hoc” basis. Dane Street provides all clients monthly and quarterly outcome reporting, and customized reports can be delivered easily upon request.


AccessDS is HITRUST CSF-certified and fully HIPAA-compliant. Our cloud-based network is hosted by Amazon Web Services and includes fully redundant, mirror image facilities. Built-in encryption secures the uploading of medical records, which can be submitted in any format, without limitation to file size.

Seamless Integration

AccessDS has integrated with multiple 3rd-party and proprietary platforms, including claims systems and utilization review platforms. Our in-house development and infrastructure teams are adept at building and maintaining API’s to ensure our clients’ optimal workflows are accommodated and supported without interruption.